(Offer Expired) Vishal a thil leia, 2 Kg Chini a thlawna dawn dan.

Get 2 Kg Sugar Free at Vishal Mega mart

Freecharge - Get 2 Kg Sugar Free at Vishal Mega mart

Vishal a thil leia, 2 Kg Chini dawn dan.

Freecharge kaltlangin Vishal ah Payment ti la, Chini Kg 2 a thlawnin dawng rawh!

Chibai vek u le...
Vishal ah Rs 1500 man tal i bazar chuan Chini Kg 2 i dawng tel thei tih i hria em!
Freecharge leh an Merchant Partner - Vishal Mega mart te tangkawp chuan Offer an siam a, he an Offer ah hian Vishal ah Rs 1500 man i bazaar tlin chuan Chini 2 kg i dawng dawn ani, mahse thil pakhat i tih a ngai, chu chu payment - i thil leina hi Freecharge App kaltlanga i pek a ngai ani.

⏩ A tih dan: ⏪

Freecharge App ila hmang ngailo anih chuan he post hi ilo chhiar phawt dawn ania - Click rawh

1. Freecharge Wallet ah khan i bill zat pawisa Add la.

Online Shopping Site hrang hrang a an thil sale,discount,offer tha ber ber te i whatsapp maia hriat zung zung i duh chuan he mi number - 9774822549 ah hian SUBCRIBE tih va thawn rawh (va whatsapp rawh, Only Whatsapp message)

2. Pawisa i add fel zawha, Pay Merchant tih ah khan i lut a nga.

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3. ON THE GO PIN kha i select a nga, Number Digit 4 lo lang #OnTheGO Pin kha Cashier i hrilh a nga, Chuan Payment a hlawhtling ang!

4. Tikhan Payment a success a nga, 2 KG Chini a thlawnin i dawng ang...!

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Dan leh Dun {Terms & Conditions}:

1. Offer hun chhung : 31st December, 2018 thleng.
2. He Offer hmu tur hian a tlem bera Rs 1500 man tal thil lei a ngai.
3. I bill zat zawng zawng kha Freecharge wallet balance hmanga pek tlak vek tur ani.
Awmzia chu Rs 2000 man i bill lo ni ta se, Rs 1500 Freecharge wallet hmanga pek a, a bak Rs 500 dang chu cash a pek in, chutia tih chu a theihloh, i invoice pumpui a kha Freecharge App kaltlanga i pek tlak vek a ngai ani.
4. He Offer a i hmu tur hi thil dang nen a thleng theihloh.
5. I thil lei i thleng let leh anih chuan, Chini i dawn sa pawh chu i pek kir leh a ngai dawn ani. 

  • Load money in your Freecharge Wallet
  • Click on Pay Merchant to generate your #OnTheGo Pin
  • Provide your Mobile number & OnTheGo Pin to the cashier
  • Get 2 KG Sugar Free.

  • To avail this Offer, the customer needs to undertake a successful transaction at Vishal Mega Mart.
  • The customer shouuld transact at Vishal Mega Mart using Freecharge Wallet & Get 2 KG Sugar Free on Minimum purchase of Rs. 1500.
  • The Offer valid till 31st Dec 2018
  • Free offer cannot be exchanged with any other item.
  • Offer can be exchange only if you receive damage item.
  • Offer is valid on purchase of all products available at Vishal Mega Mart paid via Freecharge wallet.
  • In case of order cancellation / refund, the sugar packet would have to be returned by the user.
  • The entire invoice value has to be settled using Freecharge wallet, partial payment not allowed
  • Freecharge reserves the right to disqualify any Freecharge Account from the benefits of this offer in case of any fraudulent activity/suspicious transactions.
  • Freecharge reserves the right to modify/change all or any of the terms applicable to this offer or discontinue this offer without assigning any reasons or without any prior intimation whatsoever. In case of any disputes, Freecharge’s decision shall be final.
  • This offer is also subject to Freecharge Terms & Conditions available on the Freecharge website.
  • For further details, please send your queries to care@freecharge.com

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