(7th November) Amazon Quiz Time-Answer & Win Honor 8x


(7th November) Amazon Quiz Time-Answer & Win Honor 8x

(All Answers) Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Win Honor 8x

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Chibai leh vek u...
Vawiin Amazon Quiz Answer - 7th November 2018, kan rawn chhawpchhuak leh ta e. Mi vannei in Honor 8x a man ang, Chu mi vannei chu i ni thei e.

⏩ Quiz a participate dan: ⏪

1. Playstore atang Amazon App Install la.

2. App kha Open la, Sign up/Sign in la.

3. Homepage ah khan tlem han scroll down deuh la, Quiz Contest Banner {Honor 8x} khi i hmu ang a.

4. Banner kha Click la, Quiz kha START rawh.

Ahnuaia hi Answers:

Answers Of Amazon Win Honor 8x - 6th November Quiz:

 1. Fanta and Sprite belong to which beverage company?
Answer: The Coca-Cola Company

2. Where would you find the Trevi Fountain, one of the most famous fountains in the world notables for appearances in films such a La Dolce Vita, Three Coins in the Fountain, and Roman Holiday?
Answer: Rome

3. When did the Apple iPhone first become available?
Answer: 2007

4. In which country would you find Uluru or Ayers Rock, a large sandstone rock formation surrounded by springs, waterholes, rock caves and ancient paintings?
Answer: Australia

5. In which city would you find Capitol Hill, the seat of the government and an old residential neighborhood?
Answer: Washington DC

I chhan zawhaNow You Are Eligible To Win Honor 8x tih alo in ziak ang.

Tikhan Thum vawrna ah i eligible - i tel ve theih chiaha, Lucky draw a i vanneiha Lucky winner i nih leh nihloh ani tawh mai

Quiz chhan theih hun chhung : 8 am - 12 pm.
Result announcement : by 30th November.

Naktuk Quiz Answers i hrait duh chaun minlo tlawh leh dawn nia.

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