(Paytm) Rs 50 cashback hmu la, mi hrilh la Rs 50 hmu zel rawh.

Paytm - Refer and Earn
Free Rs 50 cashback

He offer hi eng nge?
Referral link hmangin Paytm App install la, i mobile recharge na hmasa bera Rs 50 cashback i hmu ang (a tlem ber ah Rs 50 man recharge tur), midang i referral link hmangin refer la, mipakhata Rs 50 i hmu ve zel bawk ang. 


A tih dan hi  Step 3 ah han then ta ila:

STEP 1 : Refferal link hmangin App install la, in register rawh.

Paytm download na Link : https://paytmapp.app.link/h8bAd8P1jR (Click rawh).

App open la, Account create rawh.


STEP 2 : Rs 50 aia tlawmlo Mobile Recharge la, FIFTY promcode apply la, Rs 50 cashback i hmu ang.

Mobile Recharge dan:

Mobile Prepaid ah lut rawh.

I mobile recharge tur number, Operator leh Recharge man tur zat chhu la, PROCEED rawh.
Amount zawn ah Browse Plans ah lut la i duh ber recharge plan i thlang thei - sms pack, internet pack, unlimted plan, etc.

Rs 50 cashback hmu turin a tlem bera Rs 50 man tal recharge a ngai.

HAVE A PROMOCODE tih select leh la.

Have a promocode tih ah lut leh la.

Promocode dahna tur ah khan FIFTY dah la, APPLY rawh.

FIFTY promocode apply rawh 

A in apply hlawhtling a nga.

Proceed to pay i ti a nga, ATM card hmangin payment i tih tawh mai dawn ani,

I recharge zawh ah Rs 50 cashback i hmu nghal ang.

Paytm hian tuna tak hian KYC a pause rih a, an open leh veleh update kan in hriattir dawn ania.
Paytm a KYC Complete tawh customer ten cashback hi an wallet ah an dawng a, KYC la ti ve lo ten cashback an hmuh reng reng hi Gold in an dawng ani.

Rs 50 cashback hi Gold angin kan hmu dawn ani-Rs 50 man hu Gold kan hmu dawn ani. He Gold kan hmu hi duh chuan a hralh nghal theih ani.


STEP 3 : Mi Refer dan (Mipakhat Rs 50 hlawh zel rawh)

Homepage a MORE tih ah khan lut la.

REFER AND EARN tih kha select leh la, i referrel link share na tur alo awm a nga, i share  tawh mai dawn ani.

I refer a ten mobile recharge an ti hmasak berna ah Rs 50 ilo dawng ve zel ang.

Hemi thleng tur hian:
  1. I refer ah khan i referral link hmangin app a install a ngai.
  2. Rs 50 man tal a recharge a ngai a, promocode FIFTY a hman a ngai bawk ani.

Hemi a ti zawha hian Rs 50 in hmu ve ve ang.


Offers Terms & Conditions
  1. He offer hi New user te tan chauh ani.
  2. Refer-tu in Rs 50 a dawng zel a nga, a refer a ten Rs 50 an dawng zel ang.
  3. Hemi Rs 50 cashback dawng tur hain Mobile recharge na ah promcode FIFTY apply ngei tur ani.
  4. Rs 1000 thleng account pakhat atang a dawn theih.

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(Google Pay) Rs 51 i bank account ah dawng rawh, mi refer la - mipakhata zel Rs 201 dawng rawh.

He paytm app hman dan Video Tutorial kan post tep e, alo chhuah hun i hriat theihnan SUBSCRIBE YOUTUBE CHANNEL

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