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(22nd October) Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Quiz Answers

(All Answers) Amazon Quiz Time – Answer and Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Chibai leh vek u...
Vawiin Amazon Quiz Answer - 22nd October 2018, kan rawn chhawpchhuak leh ta e. Mi vannei in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a man ang, Chu mi vannei chu i ni thei e.

⏩ Quiz a participate dan: ⏪

1. Playstore atang Amazon App Install la.

2. App kha Open la, Sign up/Sign in la.

3. Homepage ah khan tlem han scroll down deuh la, Quiz Contest Banner {Win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8} khi i hmu ang a.

4. Banner kha Click la, Quiz kha START rawh.

Ahnuaia hi Answers:

Answers Of Amazon Samsung Galaxy Note 8 22nd October Quiz:

1. What kind of star is the smallest, with a typical one being only about 20 miles across?

Answer – Neutron Stars

2. Coffee was originally noted for, and is still popular because of, its energizing effect when consumed. What is the chemical that produces this effect?

Answer – Caffeine

3. The ___ tea is traditionally prepared by boiling tea with added butter and salt.

Answer – Tibetian

4.Which of these fictional towns was first introduced in the ‘Swami and Friends’ novels?

Answer – Malgudi

5. He did scripting, casting, scoring, editing, and designed credit titles and publicity material for his films. He won over 32 Indian National Film Awards, a Golden Lion, a Golden Bear. He was honored with the Bharat Ratna in 1992. Who is he?

Answer – Satyajit ray

I chhan zawha, Now You Are Eligible To Win Samsung Galaxy Note 8 tih alo in ziak ang.

Tikhan Thum vawrna ah i eligible - i tel ve theih chiaha, Lucky draw a i vanneiha Lucky winner i nih leh nihloh ani tawh mai

Quiz chhan theih hun chhung : 8 am - 12 pm.
Result announcement : by 30th November.

Naktuk Quiz Answers i hrait duh chaun minlo tlawh leh dawn nia.

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